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Aliyah's Jungle Booty
onionbooty Aliyah's Jungle Booty onion booty Aliyah Aliyah's Jungle Booty
Aliyah's Jungle Booty Aliyah's Jungle Booty onionbooty.com Aliyah
Aliyah's Jungle Booty onion booty Aliyah's Jungle Booty Aliyah from onionbooty.com
alright. where were we?!?! i am currently working around to the clock to change the roots of OnionBooty.com's structure. i am going to simplify the outside shell even more, while rebuilding the guts of it in a very complex manner. allowing easier updates for myself, and buiilding a better tracking system to stay aware of what's going on withe site at all time. a lot of it is going to be tranparent to you guys. but you will definitely notice some improvements. so peaking of improvements, i think it's time for us to start offering Full Clips for the updates. the core member base of onionbooty.com is now mostly on high speed internet. be it DSL or Cable Modem. btw, for a more enjoyable surfing experience though, i would suggest that you guys try getting Cable Modem Internet wherever availabe, simply because of higher download rates. we're going to start gearing more towards surfers/members with high speed internet connections. not to say that we're leaving everybody else behind, but if you want to have a much better OnionBooty.com experience you really gona have to upgrade your equipment (if you haven't done so already). I know that everybody is not like me, that they have to have the latest and best tech gear all the time. but i know there a lot of you out there that seek quality, nothing but quality. well i might have a treat for you guys by summer. i am thinking about shooting some stuff in Windows Media High Definition and offering it on a pay-per-view basis to the supreme clientele, those who have the monster computers and the monster internet connections looking for some high quality shit. i am not promising nothing yet, but shoot me an email for those who that interests. when will the Full Clip Update start?, probably in mid march. those clips are going to be really big in size and we need to accomodate all the downloading members. we're going to need to upgrade the server capacities and redundancy, so that all the paying members can download the clips at a decent rate. i am really excited about this year though. it's gonna be full of challenges of course, but it's looking really promising for OnionBooty.com. i am not really even tripping about people fuckin around trying to get free access to the site. from now and on i am going to play it likea chess match. i watch what they do in the low, then i make my moves. but i promise ya'll, i'm not going to let them ruin the fun we're having at OnionBooty.com. i'm up for the challenge actually :) alright, about the update. ok let me tell you one thing first. when i went to Rio last, i saw again two girls that i knew had ass, but that grew ass even more since i last saw them. They are Lebara and Aliyah. i know most of you kats that go to Rio a lot are familiar with them two girls. Lebara, her, her ass has gotten just plumper and juicier than ever, but she apparently has signed a 5 year contract with some other niggas making a site for her (and no! i am not naming her lame ass site here, fuck that!). plain simple stupid if you ask me, why anybody would sign a contract that long or the web. so she didn't want to do anything for OnionBooty.com no matter how much money i put on the table. whatever... Aliyah, on the other hand, oh my god! this bitch is still as hardcore. nough said. she reminds me of Big Booty Sara Jay in some ways. she we'll take anything you throw at her (except Sara does not do anal). but bring 4, 5 niggas, they will chew them niggas, spit them out, and still ask for more. hard to the core.. geeezzees! some mofos asked me if her ass is real, if she got implant or some shit.. ya'll must be trippin. her big phat ass is as real as them come. it's unbefuckinleivable i know, but that shit looks even more impressive in real life. and she can fuck good. she knows how to use that big ass. every inch of it. or should i say "each pound of it"? hahaaaaaa...

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