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Big Brazilian Bunda
onionbooty Big Brazilian Bunda onion booty Aninah Big Brazilian Bunda
Big Brazilian Bunda Big Brazilian Bunda onionbooty.com Aninah
Big Brazilian Bunda onion booty Big Brazilian Bunda Aninah from onionbooty.com
hey what's happenin!?! yet another bomb ass update from OnionBooty.com. i'm tellin you, we're gonna keep knocking them out one after the other. this last trip to Rio was very good to us, and we want to share it with you. and speakin of Rio, i received a lot of emails from members wanting to see more of the scenic Rio footage. to be honest it was not much. i just shot bits and pieces, here and there to use in the first trailer. but if you guys want i can make a miscelleanous folder inside the members area, for all the little stuff that might not be sex related or whatever. i got an unsually high number of people giving us props and offering support too. i really appreciate it man! for real. i am realy happy that you guys are feeling what i am trying to do and are here to help us grow and bring even more good shit. thanx for your support guys now, bunda in portuguese means butt. and popozuda means a girl with a big butt. and trust me, they have a lot of those in that beatiful place they call Rio de Janeiro. Aninah, is also one of them. needless to say that it's the girl in today's update. she's an incredibly sexy chocolate mama with an ass to die for. he big ass is just meaty, like fucken Beef Boyardee. i knew the minute i saw her, that the ass worhsip scene was going to be hella tight. but besides Aninah, my main man, my dawg, Wesley was the one mofocka that represented the most. this is my first time ever meeting this dood, and working with him. but i can tell you right now that, our love for the booty brought us together from the get go. this dood loves ass as much as i do. and you definitely can tell that he's an ass worshiper, from the way he smacks the booty so perfectly, making it giggle, rubbing he's whole face against it. simply sick. this is one of the best scenes i've shot to date, with the help of my nigga Wesley. you're definitely going to be seeing more of him in the future OnionBooty.com movies shot in Brazil. now, back to Aninah. this girl can take some fuckin anal. this girl did not need no fuckin preparation or nothing. she just plain simply popped the dick in her ass and kept going. god, you gotta love these brazilian women! they have bodies of goddesses, that were just build for sex. or like one them once told me, just to please men! (give me a moment so i can whipe this tear of my eye) i get depressed every motherfucking time i gotta leave Brazil, to come back to the States. Brazil is the motherland for all booty lovers. i don't think there is any place on earth that comes close to this place. don't listen to fuckin mofockas that never left the country tellin you that you should not go because it's dangerous. nigga please, you have more chances of loosing your life in South Central LA thant you do in that beautiful place. i can guarantee ya. pack your bags and head south. you will NOT regret it. thank me later : i got more shit from Rio de Janeiro it's only gonna get hotter. if i were you, i'll be checkin OB every single day of the week!

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