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Veronica Round 2
onionbooty Veronica Round 2 onion booty Veronica Veronica Round 2
Veronica Round 2 Veronica Round 2 onionbooty.com Veronica
Veronica Round 2 onion booty Veronica Round 2 Veronica from onionbooty.com
alrightie, so ya'll wanted Veronica back. well here she is. i know the last couple of scenes have lacked some serious assworship. so on this one, i made a point to go back to the ass lovin and worshipin roots of OB. a lot of fondelin, grinding, grabbing, rubbin, you name it this girl got major booty though. she has an ample and soft ass, that's just ripe for doggystylin, you best believe it. it's funny though, she wants to be in one of the battle of the booties. as of late, it seems like the girls take interest and follow the OB updates. some of them even go as far as take what i write on the site to seriously. i mean we still gotta keep it real on OB. it still my mofockin site, so i write whatever the hell i want to write on it. so take it as you want. that said, this Veronica scene was hella hot. unfortunately, i did not have to enough time to work on the trailer, but i am hoping that you guys were still able to feel the hotness. i am currently actually in the process of switching to a whole new editing system. i am still learning it, but i am hoping to make better preview trailers for the updates. a lot times, people ask me what software i use and such for the site. honestly it's not really so much the software package, but the creativity and passion that's in you when you're first starting out. i mean it's no secret, i use Vegas Video for editing and Sound Forge for music.. Vegas Video is a great tool because it's very intuitive. you could be up and running in just a few hours, doing some cool stuff with video. you just gotta play with it enough, and it almost becomes second nature after a while. it's a litte easier for me than for a lot of producers, because i do my own shooting, editing and scoring. it makes it a hella lot easier. for the muzic and stuff, i just go by mood. sometimes while i'm cutting a movie, i might have a beat in head to go with it. for the trailers, if you look at them at this point it's really not that complicated. while i edit for the members area updates, i mark at the same time, the portions i am going to use for the trailers. sometimes i get the timing right with the muzic, sometimes i don't and it sucks completely. but i am hoping to get better with time. only practice makes better. see i don't mind at all sharing this kind of informations with you guys that are curious enough to want to do your own shit. honestlly, it's easy enough and anybody can do it as long as they put time and effort into it. what i cannot do is answer people's questions about how to get started in the biz, or shit like "do i want a partner?" nigga for what? it took me five years to build this shit, just because you know a couple of big booty hoes will NOT make you a partner in anything. you will find out on your own that it takes a helluva than knowing hoes to make this shit happen on the business end. see business is something you cannot teach to nobody anygoddamnways. me i had to learn as i went. there was nobody there to tell me that "this is how you run a adult website". first there was the passion for the booty, then i had to take it as a business and get educated about a lot of things that i thought would make me a better businessman. but everybodies case is different. just because you live in a certain region period, might make things easier or harder for you depending on a lot of parameters. i don't want to diescourage anybody. au contraire, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you need to get started asap, but you need to come prepared, and come with it. it's not easy, but it's doable. if i did it, anybody can do it. holla...

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